Ode to Shay Black

On the Luck of an Irish Sailor

Here’s a seaman’s tale and I swear it’s true,

‘Bout Sailor Shay on the ocean blue;

Of his Irish Luck and how it came to be,

That he married the daughter of a mermaid queen!


Lie dee doo, lie dee dee,

Oh, for a life on the open sea;

Where clouds fly by and the wind blows free,

‘On The Luck Of An Irish Sailor.’


One strange day, quite unforeseen,

A storm sprang up with a mighty scream;

The masthead snapped and the rail broke free,

Shay was cast in an angry sea.


All seemed lost, but his luck prevailed,

When Shay caught sight of a mermaid’s tail;

Her hair faired blue, her eyes shone green,

A lovelier fish, Shay’d never seen.


They swam, what seemed for hours on hours,

‘Till they came to a bed of seaweed flowers;

There, she rolled him in her arms;

Shay’s heart was lost to her mermaid charms.


Lie dee dee, lie dee doo,

Oh, for life on the ocean blue;

I believe in a wish come true,

‘On The Luck Of An Irish Sailor.’


There’s more of the yarn you’ll want to read,

‘Bout Sailor Shay on the ocean sea;

Like the time he dined at a royal feast

And sang his songs for the mermaid queen.


Lie dee doo, lie dee dum

Oh, for a rhyming tale that’s fun;

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Pam and Mike Mirabella

Illustration: Amy O’Hanlon

Poem: Mike Mirabella