A Valentine Prayer ❤

When we awake this ‘Lovers Day,’

We’ll speak, ‘Our God’ and offer praise;

We’ll pause to ask for special grace,

When we awake this ‘Lovers Day,’

When we arise this ‘Lovers Day,’

We’ll thank our partner face to face,

Recall some kindness each has made:

A show of trust, an act of faith,

A gentle touch, a warm embrace.

If there is cause at all today

To wipe a tear or lay blame,

We’ll both agree to offer grace;

Spare each other from the shame,

Forgive the debt we can’t repay.

Let’s then, begin to celebrate

Our holy bond, this special day;

We’ll both rejoice as we proclaim:

Let every day be ‘Lover’s Day’!

-Mike & Pam Mirabella❤

© 2020, Mike Mirabella